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BodyTITE Liposuction FAQ Toronto – Windsor – Richmond Hill Ontario

Dr. Peter Bray One Of First Plastic Surgeons In Ontario To Offer New Liposuction Body Sculpting Technology; BodyTITE Tightens Up To 40% More Than Traditional Liposuction

Weight fluctuations and the aging process commonly result in a loss of skin elasticity. The skin loses its’ ability to tighten and smooth-out after procedures like liposuction, often leaving folds and ripples of loose skin. BodyTITE radio-frequency assisted liposuction (RFAL) heats the fat making it easier to remove but also simultaneously tightens the skin.

Patients with loose skin along with excess fat can have better results using BodyTite to improve their shape and reduce the risk of loose skin afterwards. Compared to regular liposuction, BodyTite offers a gentler alternative with more uniform results. However, in cases where the patient has a large amount of sagging and drooping skin a surgical lift may be a better option. Dr. Bray will help you decide which options will best suit your body shape, needs and goals.

What are the advantages of BodyTite™ radio frequency assisted liposuction (RFAL) vs traditional liposuction for fat removal, body contouring and sculpting?

  • Smoother body contouring and skin tightening results
  • Reduces risk of post lipo skin laxity
  • Reduced downtime
  • Reduced pain
  • Less bruising and swelling
  • Can remove stubborn rubbery tissue (like that found in gynecomastia / enlarged male breasts), unable to be extracted with traditional liposuction.
  • How does it reduce the fat?
    The BodyTite procedure uses patented radio-frequency assisted liposuction (RFAL) technology to gently melt and remove excess fat. Bodytite uses an innovative, dual-purpose cannula that serves as both the source of RFA and traditional suction tip. This slim cannula is inserted through a very tiny incision in an inconspicuous location to target areas for liposuction. Unlike other energy-assisted liposuction technologies, however, BodyTITE is a single-stage process, both melting and simultaneously removing fat. This process allows for a faster treatment, more easily extended to large areas. The RFAL energy works gently, even in tough fibrous areas like the back and male chest area that has traditionally proven challenging with traditional liposuction. It also coagulates small blood vessels, minimizing blood loss and reducing the amount of post-treatment bruising. Because the RF energy does much of the actual “work”, there is less mechanical disruption of fat with BodyTite and consequently less discomfort, swelling and bruising.

    How does BodyTite Liposuction shrink the skin?
    One of the unique features of BodyTite is its ability to safely and precisely heat the soft tissue being contoured. This gentle, deep heating causes skin tightening.

    How long has Radio-frequency energy been used and is it safe?
    Radio frequency energy is safe, reliable, and has been used for decades in numerous medical applications; it is the same technology used in practically every modern surgical procedure for cutting or cauterization. The characteristics of RF energy are well-understood and easy to control. BodyTite™ includes sophisticated safety features, such as computer-controlled power delivery that instantly shuts-off upon reaching the target temperature. This feature minimizes the risk of burns and ensures a uniform treatment effect.

    Are you a candidate for BodyTITE liposuction?
    You should be close to your ideal weight, a non-smoker and in good health. But you may have some stubborn fat bulges and rolls that remain despite proper diet and exercise. In women these trouble spots are commonly the tummy, hips (muffin-tops), and thighs (saddle bags). For men it’s usually the tummy, love handles and/or chest area.

    You should have realistic expectations and goals. Dr. Bray will help you determine what you can reasonably expect to achieve with BodyTite treatment and whether you are a good candidate.

    To learn more and find out how BodyTITE liposuction can help you achieve the body shape you desire contact Dr. Bray for a private consultation: 416-323-1330