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Dr. Peter Bray In The Media Toronto – Windsor – Richmond Hill Ontario

TV & Radio

Dr. Peter Bray interview on Breaking News Talk1010 discussing illegal Botox and Filler injections. It’s Buyer Beware.

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Dr. Peter Bray Interview

Barb DiGiulio, News Talk 1010 radio, chats with Toronto plastic surgeon, Dr. Peter Bray about the hottest cosmetic surgery trends for 2015, from the Brazilian Butt Lift, body contouring and sculpting to non surgical rejuvenation techniques, technologies and treatments for men and women.

Dr. Peter Bray, Toronto male plastic surgery specialist on Q107 radio discussing latest in jawline makeover, chin enhancement, and neck contouring with FaceTite, NeckTite and HA dermal fillers to maintain that masculine profile at all ages.

Dr. Peter Bray, Toronto’s male plastic surgery expert discusses Jawline and chin enhancement procedures (FaceTITE, NeckTITE, dermal fillers and more…)

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Dr. Peter Bray, Toronto Male Plastic Surgery Specialist discusses the more popular procedure for men. Dr. Bray has seen an almost 50% increase in male patients over last two years.

Listen to the audio here: CSCNTK FT RE Peter Bray 1 SPOT

Toronto’s Best Mommy Makeover Surgeon Dr. Peter Bray discusses Breast Aug/lift, Tummy Tuck, Brazilian Butt Lift and Body Contouring to regain that pre-baby shape which is often difficult to achieve with exercise and diet alone.

Listen to the audio here: CSCNTK FT RE Peter Bray 2 SPOT

Dr. Peter Bray discusses when and at what age plastic surgery is appropriate

Listen to the audio here: CSCNTK FT RE Peter Bray 3 SPOT

Dr. Peter Bray on some of the newest non-surgical anti-aging treatments offered in his practice Some of the anti aging treatments popular among his male and female patients include: NeckTITE/FaceTITE to shrink the lose skin on neck, face and hands (for women), micro-fat injections (fat transfer) to plump up face, hands and breast and much more.

Listen to the audio here: CSCNTK FT RE Peter Bray 4 SPOT

Dr. Peter Bray on the “Toronto Daddy Do Over”, a group of procedures that may include male breast reduction and body contouring, to regain that V shaped torso that so many men aspire to.

Listen to the audio here: CSCNTK FT RE Peter Bray 5 SPOT

Rock 102.1 FM TheEdge With Toronto’s Best Brazilian Butt Lifts Specialist Dr. Peter Bray Discusses Butt Enlargement Procedure For Men And Women

News Talk 1010 Gail Vaz Oxlade And Toronto’s Best Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Peter Bray Discuss Non-Surgical Facial “refreshers”, Men’s Brazilian Butt lift, Mommy Brazilian Butt Lift, Toronto Body Contouring And Much More.

Dr. Peter Bray Best Liposuction Specialist In Toronto On What She Said Talk Radio Sirius 167 Discussing Modern Body Contouring, Best Toronto Brazilian Butt Lift and Brazilian Mommy Makeovers.

Toronto Breast Plastic Surgery Specialist, Dr. Peter Bray, On SiriusXM Talk Radio Discuss Latest In Toronto Breast Augmentation, New Breast Implants, Breast Lift And New Male Breast Reduction Treatments In Toronto.

Dr. Peter Bray Toronto’s Best Cosmetic Surgeon, On Diamond and Dye 102.1 FM, The Edge Discussing New Male Breast Reduction Treatments And Latest in Cosmetic Surgery For Men And Women

ETalk interviewed Dr. Peter Bray regarding Angelina Jolie’s recent
announcement to have a double mastectomy followed by
breast reconstruction

Dr. Bray discussed some of the implications of Angelina Jolie’s decision

Dr. Peter Bray Interviewed By City TV News On How A
Butt Enhancement Is Done Properly And Safely

Dr. Bray also warns the serious complications people could face
if they are injected with inappropriate substances like PMMA.

Dr. Bray on Global TV

Dr. Bray interviewed by Global TV Health on male breast reduction surgery
using minimally-invasive BodyTite liposuction.

Rogers Daytime Interview with Dr. Peter Bray

Dr. Peter Bray, Plastic Surgeon, is interviewed on the Daytime TV show
about the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

Mike Bullard Interviews Dr. Bray

Dr. Bray discusses male breast reduction using BodyTite with Mike Bullard

CJAD Interview

Dr. Bray talks about gynecomastia

Newspapers & Magazines

The Skiny interviews Toronto’s Dr. Peter Bray on how Khloe Kardashian, Kim kardashian West and Kris Jenner may have enhanced their backsides. Was it the Brazilian Butt Life or Squats?
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THE NEW MID-LIFE by Rebecca Eckler
Dr. Peter Bray, Male Plastic Surgery Specialist in Toronto Discusses Male Breast Reduction And Male Brazilian Butt Lift And Body Contouring
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Harold Magazine

Latest In Male Plastic Surgery With Best Male Plastic Surgeon In Toronto, Dr. Peter Bray
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Teens and Plastic Surgery
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Harold Magazine

Dr. Bray, male cosmetic surgery specialist on the latest techniques and body contouring for men in Toronto
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Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Bray discusses the latest in butt enhancements, for both men and women, including: The Toronto Brazilian Butt Lift, Butt Implants surgery and Butt Lift post weight loss surgery
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Great Glutes for Guys

Dr. Bray discusses the new Brazilian Butt Lift for men
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Lush Magazine

Dr. Bray discusses Angelina Jolie’s breast surgery in Toronto’s Lush magazine
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Revive Magazine

Dr. Bray answers some common questions about breast implants in Toronto.
Should you switch your saline implants to silicone implants? Should you renew implants after 10 years?
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The Skinny On Fat

Dr. Peter Bray discuses what your own fat cells can do for you vs dermal fillers
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More men turning to plastic surgery

Toronto-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Peter Bray says in his own practice, the number of male cosmetic surgery patients has doubled in the last five years.
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Breast Implants Still Popular After Half a Century

Dr. Peter Bray, a Toronto plastic surgeon who adds that in his practice 95% of his breast augmentation patients prefer the new gels over saline, the type of implant used after a 1992 moratorium was declared on the ones that could leak…
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Mommy Makeovers with Dr. Bray

Dr. Bray is featured in Today’s Parent magazine about Mommy Makeovers.
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New Cellulite Treatment with Dr. Bray

Dr. Bray on CelluTite in Elevate Magazine.
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Fat Injections – Spa Inc. Magazine

Dr. Bray discusses exciting new uses of fat transfer surgery.
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Youthful Perky Bottoms

Read about the goals of Dr. Bray’s Brazilian Butt Lift.
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Dr. Bray in Windsor Star

Male breast reduction surgery using BodyTITE.
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Mommy Makeover And Tummy Contouring with Dr. Bray

Dr. Bray Comments in abdominal contouring and its role in the “mommy makeover”.
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Cosmetic Surgery in Men

Dr. Bray on male cosmetic surgery in Revive Magazine.
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Toro Magazine

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Plastic Surgery

Dr. Bray introduces the 5 P’s of Plastic Surgery Safety
how to ensure your surgery is as safe as possible.
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Elevate Magazine – Bodyshaping

Dr. Bray discusses body contouring.
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Bare to be Beautiful

Another Canadian winter is behind us and now the annual dread of short shorts, mini skirts…
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Lush Magazine

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Dr. Peter Bray discusses BodyTITE the latest innovation in liposuction technology.
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The Private Operating Room Preference

Having the choice of booking a private room for surgery instead of the hospital.
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CTV News Online

Dr. Peter Bray discusses quick beauty tips to look your best for the Holiday Season.
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Steps to Achieve Arms to Reach Out and Grab

Dr. Peter Bray discusses tips for your arms for the upcoming summer season.
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